Artist’s Books at Husby Konsthall

MABL at Artist’s Books Salong Husby Konsthall
Nov 21 – Dec 6 2015


MABL at Husby Konsthall

From the MABL collection:

PUSS magazine
Moderna Museet Essä
Bernadette Corporation, Reena Spaulings
Michèle Bernstein, Alla kungens hästar/ All the kongs horses
Ongoing printed matters about the Situationist Movement, produced by Moderna Museet
Kristoffer Flensmack, Almanacka
Kristoffer Flensmarck, Chiffonjé
Takashi Homma, Aero-Photo
Karl Larsson o Andreas Mangione, Extract of Pontormos Diary
Karl Larsson, Parrot
Akira, A whores diary
Francis Alys, I’m not here
David Shrigley, Kill your pets
David Shrigley, Let’s wrestle
Diana Kaur, Padrak E Moore, Nevertheless, Faith is in the Air
Arijana Kajfes, Occular
Michalis Pichler, Monsanto Company, Earnings Call Transcript
Michakis Pichler, Der Einzige und sein Eigentum
Lotta Lotass, Fjärrskrift
Jonas Dahlberg, Invisible Cities
Carl Johan Eriksson, Armageddon – The End
Sophie Calle, Exquisite pain
Monica Höll, Till Ulla
Hu Fang and Hans Ulrich Obrist, do it, Kusin Vitamin Space Beijing
Dora Garcia, Steal this book
Meric Algun Ringborg, Ö den gemensamma bokstaven
Meric Algun Ringborg, Location: Date: Time:
Kajsa Dahlberg, Ett eget rum – 1000 bibliotek
Jean Clair, Cinq Notes Sur L’ouvre de Louis Bourgeois

Ulla West, LANDESCAPEPATTERNS                                                                                                                                                                   Ulla West, Den Obönhörliga

Firework Editions
Leif Elggren, Sakramentala Måltider
Leif Elggren & Thomas Liljenberg, elektrolys – elektrolys II
Leif Elggren & Thomas Liljenberg, Saltsjöbadsdokumentet
Leif Elggren & Thomas Liljenberg, Phase 1:8 Stockholm – Groningen
Leif Elggren & Thomas Liljenberg, IDOL
Leif Elggren & Thomas Liljenberg, Partiet
Leif Elggren & Thomas Liljenberg, Electrolys III
Leif Elggren & Thomas Liljenberg, Experiment with Dreams
Leif Elggren & Thomas Liljenberg, A Scholar Stoops Mounted On A White Charger
Leif Elggren & Thomas Liljenberg, The Answers
Thomas Liljenberg, Sweden Dreams
Thomas Liljenberg, Chapter VII
Thomas Liljenberg, Floor of Dreams
Thomas Liljenberg, SERIAL – AKTION
The New Immortality
Leif Elggren & Thomss Liljenberg, The Answers
The Kingdoms of Elgaland – Vargaland, A CHRONICLE
Passport citizenship in Elgaland – Vargaland

Onda Andens Bibliotek /Library of the Evil Spirit
Bookshelf with books
Index over LES/OAB: all the titles
Map: Buenos Aires
Map: Rome
Map: Trondheim
Mapping: Husby – Stockholm – Trollhättan
Text: translation/ handwriting by UW, Rome from Der Stimmenimitator

Virginia Woolf, one text in three languages:
Ett eget rum
A Room of One’s Own
Kendien Ait Bir Oda

Inger Christensson, Azorno
Inger Christensson, D E T