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Library of the Evil Spirit started as a project about tracing in the steps of Thomas Bernhards writings,  with close readings and interpretations of the novel Extinction.

Utplåning. Ett sönderfall.

“Uncle George had compiled so to say, an evil spirit library for me and it was obvious that it began with Montaigne and Descartes, Voltaire and Kant … In the end,I had compiled the most important for the brain, and the center had obviously not been any other than Schopenhauer. I had acquired one, as I called it, agile library of the most important works of the evil spirit, which I freely at any time could bring with me anywhere, so I never had to be without these books.”


photo: Nils Eikeland / NTNU Universitetsbiblioteket Gunnerus

Montaigne and Descartes, Voltaire and Kant, Schopenhauer

Siebenkäs by Jean Paul Richter

Heinrich von Ofterdingen by Novalis

Kalenderstories by Johann Peter Hebels

Krapotkin, Bakunin, Dostojevskij, Tolstoy, Lermontov

Kleist, Heine

Sickness until death by Kierkegaard


The character and adept Gambetti in Extinction is recommended to start his reading with:

Siebenkäs by Jean Paul Richter

The Process by Franz Kafka

Amras by Thomas Bernhard

The Portugese woman by Robert Musil (Three women)

Esch or anarchy by Hermann Broch




About Library of the Evil Spirit / Onda Andens Bibliotek

I read all the novels of Thomas Bernhard and I follow his

literary traces as if these traces are clues, as if I

shall solve a mystery. I am a detective. Curiosity guides

me. My gut tells me that I’m on a fruitful track. I wonder

how and if I can activate and update or perhaps reinterpret

and visualize Thomas Bernhards so called Library of the Evil Spirit,

from Extinction.

Siebenkäs by Jean Paul Richter (1857) is a novel as

Thomas Bernhard returns to in Extincion. Siebenkäs is

translated into English from German.

I translate the English translation to Swedish for my own

use, this is my closereading. I read the literary topics

I manage to get hold of mentioned in Extincion and not at

least I read Ingegerd Bachmans novels and poetry. The two

only female writers mentioned by Thomas Bernhard as

important writers in the novel Extinction is Ingeborg

Backmann and Virginia Woolf. I follow in the steps of

Thomas Bernhard and of Ingeborg Bachmann and of Virginia

Woolf. I travel in their steps, I read their writings and

I find new tracks, my own tracks. I find my own female

track for my version of the Library of the Evil Spirit.


Den Onda Andens Bibliotek / Library of the Evil Spirit

contains plans, readings, investigations, translations, interpretations, writings, maps, portraits, walks and unexpected activities.


INDEX over Library of the Evil Spirit



MABL studio and archive at Fiskargatan 1, Stockholm 2016 with Library of the Evil Spirit in its center. Since 29015 and ongoing the focus for Library of the Evil Spirit is  on female writers, artists and poets. From Thomas Bernhards lack of interest in more than two writers/poets, Virginia Woolf and Ingeborg Bachmann, follows a long list of important voices and works.